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Noble cyborg savage
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Noble cyborg savage What a gem. Fast paced sludge metal with a hint of stoner riffage. For such a short EP, this thing has a lot of depth. Great stuff! Favorite track: The Infernal Kind.
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Release via Soulwrecked Records
One sided 12" on white/black marbled vinyl
Limited Pre-Order edition with screen printed B side



released February 19, 2017

All songs written by Piece.
All instruments recorded by Piece, except for drums recorded by Daniel at Sloppy Beats.
Additional vocals on “The Bells of Paradise” by Hannah Graves.
Mixed and mastered by Werner Robitza.



all rights reserved


Piece Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: The Infernal Kind
Oceans of space, no near no far
Columns of fire light up the dark
Into the woods, mountains so high
As deep as the meadows, gardens so wide
Valleys of shadows, grottoes pitch black
Trees shake their branches, feel I am back
Shatter among me, burst with the fire
The palace of light, the infernal kind

Your evil deeds, I won’t forgive
The light I will take from you, try to resist
The wrath, it will come, laugh all you want
Your mockery will end now, where it begun
Your shaking will stop, you’ll vanish from here
Drop to the ground, then disappear
I won’t forget, I won’t forgive
Your light I will take
Try to resist

The palace of light, I came to find
The palace of light, the infernal kind
Track Name: The Harmless Fool
We fled in panic
We left him to die
The cold will take care
No chance to survive

The primitive son of the savage
So dull, so uncivilized
Backward their thinking, barbaric their customs
Worthless their lives
Stupid yet harmless, he can’t write nor read
Behind his eyes, there’s nothing to see
They’ll try him for murder, the best that he’ll get
An axe for the insane, off with his head

My mind’s divagating
I laid me to rest
Thoughts of the unknown
Perception as test
Reality’s fading
Thoughts melt away
Angles are bending
Relief is astray
I’ve ran to the woods
I’ve tried to escape
I’ll stay in this cold
Awaiting my fate

A glow in his eyes, the unusual kind
What lies behind this simple mind?
A glimmering light comes from inside
Comes from inside
Track Name: The Dream Soul
Pining for mountain freedom
He suffers alone
No visits, no kinship, no contact
No salvation to come

There’s something behind his eyes
That no one can read
Beyond their comprehension
And the words that he speaks

The language used is not oral
I see him writhe in pain
Communicate with the other
Unbeknownst to his brain
His words don’t suffice to convey
What the dream soul commands
Titanic visions, barbarous jargons
From a world so far beyond

There’s something behind his eyes
That no one can read
Beyond their comprehension
And the words that he speaks

Although they gave me the aid
To let my mind come to rest
I sense of thoughts to transmit
And connect my brain to his
Track Name: The Brother Of Light
I reach for your soul
I am the one you’ll attend
We’re escaping forever
Come with me brother, o friend
No need for words, no reason to speak
Our thoughts, they will guide us, bring us relief
All that you feel and all that you fear
Will come and will go, there’s no far no near
Brother of light
Spirited Soul
Through all the wide
Ether we’ll go
Objects around, they blur and they fade
The forms beside me alter their shape
Thou will be free pursue thy oppressor
Thou now can let go of thy diurnal prison
Brother of light
Spirited Soul
Through all the wide
Ether we’ll go
Track Name: The Bells Of Paradise
what I am now
will cast no shadow.
there is no light,
only fire.
conscious obliteration,
my mind bends
deep down, far in.
all concealed is finally freed.
clawing revelation
tore up the veil.
the covenant, a power,
transcending free will.
leave the planes
of ignorant flesh.
come dissolute me,
unbound spirit.
follow the streaming
where celestials drown.
follow the howling
further out.
pass the gates
and shed your form,
where life is death
and hell will come
cross the path of unrisen suns,
and bow unto the palace of light.
become what should not be,
eternal, living night.
entity, divine,
voice of beyond,
accuser, oppressor,
creation is mine
the voids whisper
long turned to drone.
the bells of paradise
I hear them ring.